Fashion Advice From Courtisane

If there’s one thing that the girls from Courtisane know how to do it is look beautiful. These incredible models spend hours grooming and shopping to ensure that they look at their best for each and every date that they go on. We were talking to them the other day and one tip that we thought was particularly useful came from some of the shorter escorts. They said that their clients liked long legged women even though they were shorter so these girls who stand at 5’5 and under shared their tips for helping you look like a tall leggy catwalk model.

Here are a few of the tips that the London escorts thought were most valuable to any of the shorter readers out there.

1. Where the right heels.

christian_louboutin_eugenie_pumpsIf you want to extend the length of your legs then look to wearing high heels. The choice in heel is very important though. You do not want any straps around the ankle or across the foot as this will cut off valuable inches. A six inch heel can make you look taller and even make you walk in a more refined manner so these are a must and a great starting point. Our favourites do happen to be the Christian Louboutin ones but that is just a matter of taste.

2. Lift your waist.

Wear dresses and skirts that are high wasted and move your waist line to nearly up under your breasts. This will make you look like you are all legs and if you pair this with a slim fitting dress it can accentuate your naturally curvaceous figure and help you to attract any man you wish for. This makes your top half look smaller and extends the bottom half of your body to really accentuate length.

3. Hide your Knees

A skirt that clings to your legs to down past your knees is one of the best ways to make your legs look longer. it creates a smooth line and if it is matched with a high waisted outfit then you will look like a catwalk model strutting down the street. When you can’t see the knees then they could be much higher than they actually are, this is an optical illusion and helps to give you so many more inches.

These are just a few of the tips we will try and offer some more advice soon for the different body types out there.


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Exclusive Kensington

Alex (5)Kensington one of the most prestige places in London with exclusive hotels and design shops this part of London is dominated by the high class society that usually come to this area for eat and shopping with Kensington Gardens just around the corner it also brings a great place for a time outdoors. This area is situated right in London city centre with the  close to many famous parts of London so you will never been far from the main attractions and a great place if you want to go anywhere, this is the borough of Kensington and Chelsea which is another great place in London.

In south Kensington you will find many museums and many places like V & A galleries and the Kensington palace are places that mane this area into one of the most important places in London and with the increase of exclusive restaurants make this area even more attractive to tourists that’s wonder about Kensington.

Around Kensington you will also see some of the most prestigious modelling agencies like Storm Models and Models 1 are agencies that every year hundreds of people submitting their portfolio, when it comes to entertainment park lane is one of the best agencies in there.

They have a large selections of kensington companion models that you will love to meet and you will have an opportunity of dating them is you want and will have a great time with the some of the most attractive ladies in London.

Have a look at their portfolio and try to make the best of Kensington can bring you with


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A date In East London Kent

sophie1Kent is one of the most beautiful parts of England with a large countryside this area is well known for the many gardens that you can see which most of then are free to get in but you will see a large variety of plants and flowers making a mane to this part of England as the gardens of England.

East of England is well known for the quit life of a country side but also for the large houses and beautiful gardens which most of them belong for the council which they made this local be a great place to have a marvelous time out.

One of the gardens is Belmont Park this is an amazing place that you can walk side by side to the natural life, this amazing park was originally design by Samuel Wyatt to reflect a Victorian garden and all its greatness. Just nearby there is Emmetts Garden, this is a beautiful garden full of color and amazing sites, one of the best attractions of this garden is the field of bluebell displays and in the winter the whole garden turns into white snow cover and with a lake right in the middle you will love the view.

Another great garden is the Knole Park, this garden belongs to the largest private house in England which part of the garden is home of the park, one of the major attractions in this park is the many deer that will be able to see in their natural habitat so there is a great amount of outdoors activity that you can do around Kent. So if you ever get bored or want to do something nice Katie’s Kent is an agency that you have the opportunity to meet somebody that will introduce you to all this beautiful gardens and places that you can go.


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Some tips for you.

I don’t think there is anyone person who can give you all of the correct information about a dating experience. Because there is any. If you are willing to to read blogs like this one then you will have some tips to help you but, every girl is different and every guy is different so the situation is different every time – one thing will work for you and another may not. If you have no time to put any effort in and you have a lot of spare cash then let me introduce you to this website. Otherwise i hope you enjoy my list.

The first tip is to not be a douche bag. So most of you are thinking that you come across correctly but, you may be wrong. The trick is making sure that you put in little bit of everything like the ingredients of a nice recipe. Remember that she does not know you very well and you do not want to freak her out with garish comments etcetera. Being a douchebag can mean a number of things so don’t loose your cool and act like one – remember that you are the gentlemen and she needs to know that. She must know but, she should not feel that she   can jump and you will. Take control of any situation and she will know that you are a true man.

I mentioned in a previous articles that booking an escort would be a good idea to get a feel of impressing a woman. high class escorts are especially a good route to go down becasue they are from upper class places in society and a used to seeing gentlemen on a regular basis.


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Find a real expert in the Business

We are a blog which is helping people find a date. You will notice that the only posts on here at the moment concern booking escorts and there is a good reason for that. We Don’t expect you to get a date immediately and the next best option aside from find sex is to buy sex which is why escorts have always been an important part of society dating back hundreds of years. The word escort is not exactly what the word prostitution is. You could at this as my opinion but the fact it escort services are a lot different the traditional prostitute. Firstly read this Home page content and observe that it states there is no illegal activities occurring in the knowledge of the escort agency – Abbigail’s are a reputable high class escort agency and they provide only a communication service.

A picture of four escorts.

Its kind of like dating accept these girls are happy to meet you for a price. The justification for the price is not having any strings attached which is usually impossible in a real life situation. In reality you could actually use a female escort as practise for dating as you can not really do anything wrong. Hell, you could even ask her to tell you the truth about the dinner date you just experienced for example.

The thing is you have to get your head away from the mindset of it being an illegal activity. Because simply it is not. To really experience true female escort you need to make that they are high class escorts who are women with a sense of taste and want to keep it to a professional date.


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Are the London lady boys experts in a Good date?

This question has probably floated through thousands of people who have come to the London Ladyboys website. They come here for the high resolution images of beautiful shemales and more recently videos of these beautiful babes. The London lady boys is in fact an escort agency but people come here from around the world purely for the quality of the website and not always to book escorts. I images that some people plan ahead – they will look around a few escort agencies and chose their favourite lady base on loads of factors from their own personal taste so you can not really judge why the LLB has become so popular; it does however say a lot about the quality of the information you see on the site.

A screenshot of the London lady boys website.

I am certainly one who loves to read reviews online. London ladyboys has a lot of these which i would link to but you have to go onto the profile pages to see the reviews for that particular escort. I kind of prefer it this way because i find it less confusing and it give you a more substantial grasp of what she is really like from the community. When there is just a single reviews stream you do not see the subtle trends in the reviews – things her stamina and her ability to provide a girl friend experience.

A picture of the escort TS Sukhon on her bed.

Form one guy it may not be solid evidence but, from a trend in the reviews it certainly give an indication that she will do the things that you are looking for. This has give users of the website a certain confidence to book a shemale escort for the first time – you will see that a lot of the reviewers are first timers, which they state. Of course you should not only get reviews from the website that the services are being sold on but other quality sources too.

Let me introduce you to the online community Check out this thread for example - it shows how much people are raving about the shemales on London lady boys. What i also find amazing is how the website owner interacts with the fans of her services. I have never seen another escort agency do this.

Check out this Video of the girls:



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Brick lane and a romantic date.

Brick lane, E1 is located in East London and is a very popular location for female escorts and for the many curry houses. It is also at the centre of the Bangladeshi-Sylheti community. Then to the north end of Brick Lane is where you can find those charming markets everyone loves to spend hours and hours knee deep in. The Old Truman Brewery has been converted into a variety of markets with plenty choice and quality on offer. The Backyard market focuses on arts and crafts form young designers, check out Coraux Mei for beautiful handmade products. The Tea Rooms has a beautiful collection of Antiques, furniture, decorations and accessories; you will fall in love with every inch of this place. The Boiler House is has over 30 stalls delights from all around the world. Keep up with fashion in the Sunday up Market here you have over 200 stalls that do things like fashion, food, lifestyle, and accessories. The vintage specialist at Vintage Market will have something that you will fall in love with and take home; find the most beautiful things for both men and women here.

A view down brick lane.

The restaurants in Brick lane are some of the best Indian restaurants, but the Sheba 136 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU has to be the best you would have ever treated your taste buds to. They have won awards throughout the years and in 2013 they received the award for the Best Curry House in the UK by Cobra Good Curry Guide. These guys know what they’re doing, it all started off in 1974 and since then they have been serving curries that we know and love with some signature recipes. It isn’t the biggest restaurant in the world but the outlay and decor make it feel much bigger, perfect for a romantic dinner making you feel really close and intimate perhaps like my favourite escort agency.


One of the first Bars in Brick Lane is still going strong the Vibe Bar 91-95 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL, first started off on 1995. They have a lovely courtyard where you can sit down with a drink this really nice in the summer, get there early the seats are really quick to go. As we all know hot weather isn’t a gift to th UKs so doesn’t worry go inside and it’s absolutely huge. They have open mic during the week, it’s really popular but it doesn’t get really overcrowded and you can’t get a drink decently quick. They also manage the Brick Lane Music Festival every September, they do a great job year after year and everyone is already itching in their seat for Brick Lane Music Festival 2014. This is the swankiest place in town, if you’re not there you are going to wish you were and if you haven’t been to visit then you really need to go. The quickest way is via Shoreditch High street tube or rail station.


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What is the deal with

One website that i consistantly keep seeing on the highly accalimed website is called Having looked around a lot and seen loads of escort agency for Asian escorts London i have come to some conclusions as to why invasian escorts are featured on this website so much. Firstly i should make a point to say how trusted the punternet websites actually is. The reason why it is trusted is becasue it has been up for over  ten years and is the place where everyone goes to talk about their escort experiences.

Yes, there are a lot of forums out there with reviews but, none come close to what the punternet website has. The community is truly massive and is moderated by experienced admins who tkae there role very seriously as you will struggle to find a review which is not real. I don’t know exactly how they do it but, it is working for them.

The most popular escort of invasian escorts has to be Aisha who is on punternet along with over 50 reviews. As you can see on the right hand side of the profile page there is a green yes next to most of the reviews which means that the client would recommend it to a fellow punter. This percentage is a tough one to achieve which you will fully appreciate when read through the main forums of the website. You will get a feeling that everyone on here wants exactly what is advertised on the website of an escort agency which when you think about it is a tall order.

agencies have to rely on the girls to be professional. If the lady is not what the man expected then it is not her that will be slated on the forum but, the agency. This is fair enough to be honest it does show that Invasian escorts have a dedicated team from start to finish though.




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Classy Moments in London

mastheadIf you are looking for the most amazing models, Carmen’s Secrets is a unique agency that has the most elegant ladies in London, this agency one of the most prestigious and glamour escort agency that you will ever come across they have collected unique ladies from different entertainment industries and therefore a unique agency in London and one of the best in the world, that’s why anyone that come to London and wants to have a great time than you will have to check to this great agency.

Carmen’s Secrets is not just as escort agency but a company that is well determinate to bring you a great time with the most attractive London girls they will give you the most amazing moments that you will ever have in London, the companionship that this agency will bring you is a premier service and you can choose from a variety of services all very unique and all very pleasurable, plus the ladies that they hire they already have a great background in entertainment business so there are no other agency that will give you as much fun and pleasure like the Carmen’s Secrets will bring you.

Have a look at the gorgeous models and that this amazing agency has for you and you will see how glamorous and elegant ladies they have in gallery for you and the most amazing ladies as well, in the gallery you will also be able to see some status and descriptions of the ladies and you can have a good time with the most attractive models in London.

This agency also does international escorting services so have a look and enjoy the great ladies that they will bring to you to turn your days more exciting.



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Be in paradise

As a brit there are common ways for to live in paradise. As it is January at the moment you will find that most people from the UK love to go abroad to where it is hot which is great if you are booking Jet set escorts. The best way to live your life if you are in the city of London for example would be in the company of a stunning woman. I guess that a lot of you guys out there are already married but, having a bit of fun with a new girl is something else as you could imagine.


This is example what escorts do for you. Websites like Grosvenor Girls have been step up for this sole purpose – to make you happy. Lets face it you, want a little bit of fun but do not want the risk of your wife finding out… Well the best thing do do would be to book an escort, pure and simple. Why? Well woman in the real world come with a lot of stings attached and London escorts do not.

It win win if you look at it like this becasue you are spending time with a beautiful woman and you will have nothing to regret. Seems pretty simple, which it is but, when you see a gallery like that one for yourself it really does seem too good to be a real thing. The best part is that it is.

I could not have imagined that i would have ever booked an escort. I haven’t seen anything like the grosvenor girls website before and i  truly hope that there are more websites out there like it.


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