Brompton is an open neighbourhood in west London that is spread over three districts of London. The western part is in the royal borough of South Kensington, and the eastern part is situated on Brompton road which is part of Knightsbridge, and the south in within fashionable Chelsea. The area has a wealth of restaurants, independent shops and beautiful tree lined streets. The area of Brompton is a triangular shape with Brompton cemetery, Old Brompton Road/Brompton Road, and Walton Street/ Fulham Road surrounding it. Brompton is known as the artist quarter and has been home to many writers and actors and others that have been recognised internationally for architecture, culture, design and education. Brompton cemetery is beautiful as it is also combined with historic monuments and wildlife, it is the only cemetery in this country that is held by the Crown and was designed in the mid eighteen hundreds by Benjamin Baud. Benjamin surprised everyone with this spectacular cemetery with its formal layout, and its stunning central avenue covered with large trees leading to a delightful chapel.


A lecture hall within the Royal Brompton Campus

The Royal Brompton Campus SW3 6LY has recently gained attention for it’s scientific achievements, with a team from the campus entering a competition to win money for its research facility in order to create a device that can analyse a human body by its sounds to reveal any illness and they are in the final stages now. The London Brompton Club has its very own cycle club, renowned for its folding bicycles, and is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer, but is and will remain a London based club first and foremost. Brompton is a place where celebrities often to hang out, The Brompton Club SW7 5LR is an exclusive members only club, so if you would like rub shoulders with the rich and famous you can sign up to become a member, there is of course a waiting list, but it’s well worth it. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson had her fortieth birthday at the club and it holds a lot of events which the likes of Eliza Doolittle, Holly Valance, Princess Eugenie, James Middleton and Katie Price can often be seen at, not to mention Prince Harry himself.

A Brompton Escort will make you feel like a V.I.P, this is your special day, and why not take advantage of it, you only live once, and already you are spoilt for choice, do you choose a spellbound audacious blond that will sparkle around you and literally take your breath away, or do you choose a captivating mesmerising brunette with that sultry sizzling pouty look, oh decisions decisions. You could just go for option number three and have both ladies join you, you certainly will be grinning from ear to ear and feel like that very important person you deserve to be


The city of Manchester is famous for many things including, football, the computer, the industrial revolution, graphene, the hacienda, Oasis and countless other cultural and scientific revelations. The list of what this city has nurtured and produced is endless, Manchester is a pioneer, a pioneer in the scientific world, a pioneer of people, music, fashion and culture. When you are in Manchester you can feel the buzz, the city is alive with passion and creativity for the new and exciting.

A 90's picture of the rock Band Oasis

A 90’s picture of the rock Band Oasis

Manchester escorts are some of the most passionate people in this great city. They love their profession and love to share this passion with the discerning gentlemen that use the services of Manchester escorts. Manchester escorts hold a beauty that cannot be put into words, they are enchanting, they have charisma and class, they are graceful and elegant and are experts in the art of seduction. These beautiful women who chose to spend time with gentlemen in Manchester command the upmost of respect and will only see gentlemen who honour this, and those that do will experience an evening of pure unadulterated pleasure.

In Manchester you are never short of somewhere to take your exclusive companion. There is a wealth of high end restaurants, bars and hotels that are perfect for you and your sensational companion. One of the best hotels in Manchester is Malmaison, Piccadilly, M1 3AQ, the Malmaison is a sumptuous hotel, it has a dark and delicious interior and has all you need for a heady evening with an exclusive lady. They have a restaurant, bar and luxury spa with a sauna, and the hotel is within walking distance of Manchester’s vibrant nightlife.

For a taste of the orient, you must take your companion to China town, 19-21 George Street, M1 4HE. You are transported to Beijing when you walk into Manchester’s famous China town, it’s a riot of colour and flavour. The area has a wealth of Chinese, Japanese and Nepalse restaurants, shops, karaoke bars and many other Asian delights. When visiting this fascinating area of Manchester go to, Red Chilli, 70 Portland Street, M1 4GU. This restaurant is renowned in Manchester for their fantastic Szechuan food, we recommended their green beans with pork and chilli, its divine. You and your lady are sure to have a wonderful time in this oriental paradise.

One final place we must mention in China town is Ho’s Bakery, 46 Faulkner Street, M1 4FH. Their buns are the business, deliciously soft and light in every flavour savoury and sweet. You and you companion can pick up a takeout and dine alfresco in China towns lovely central gardens.


When booking an escort in London there are a lot of guides online that answer frequently asked questions. I would always recommend having several questions of your own though to be able to gage how receptive and welcoming the agency as a whole is. If the reception staff do not want to even stop and help you with any enquiry then surely this might be reflected in the service of the escorts later on. There are some agencies that do this very well. Many of the high class agencies such as Courtisane have all of the time in the world to ensure that you are getting the best booking possible but if you did want to ask a question and didn’t want to sound silly then, what could you ask?

One of my favourite questions to ask is whether there are any options in outfits. I find this is a short one that just tests the waters enough. If the agency is wanting to fulfill all of your needs then they will be more than happy to answer this question. It can be as simple as a yes or a no or maybe they will give you some details if they are offering different outfits but generally it will be a good indicator of whether they want to take the time to offer you a better service. I also ask for recommendations on restaurants and bar or simply the best way to get to a certain place. The fact of whether they know the answer or not is beyond the purpose of the question it is more dependent on whether the person on the other end of the phone takes the time to answer you query.

There is a lot to be said for an agency taking the time with you during the booking process, that is if you want it. Take your time and find the right agency for you and you will reap the rewards.


When it comes to dating you will be looking to find all the qualities you want from your dream companion. This does not come around easily and may take some time to find as your dream women does not fall into your lap. But what would you do if you had the opportunity to meet your dream girls with only a quick phone call. Well you are in luck as you can have the choice of beautiful single models in a matter of minutes. At the agency Dream Escorts you will find they have a fantastic portfolio of beautiful women who are looking for a romantic evening with you today. This high class agency will give you the ultimate girl friend experience which will create last memory’s for you.

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London is a romantic city and this is where dream are located. You will find that there girls are located all of the city and also able to travel to your location. They are a professional agency and will always guarantee complete satisfaction. We find that the reviews on the website shoe the type of service you receive. So make sure you go and enjoy London and have a romantic evening tonight.



Why do people date? Well to find an individual who they enjoy to spend time with and will bring them all kinds of joy. It can be a difficult task when trying to find the right companion, but with the correct guidance you will be able to find that special someone. London is a romantic city and the capital so we will be talking about how you can meet the women of your dreams in this great city. With so many different individuals and venues for you to enjoy you evening it would be silly not to talk about this destination. So when you look for a date what do you need to take into account ? Well we thought we would run through everything step by step and give you the best plan by the end of the discussion.

So finding the right companion is all about where you look, you will never find someone who is identical to your interests and why would you want this , you spend every second of the day with yourself , so why would you want another you and plus this is what best friend are for. So when you look to meet someone then just go with your instinct and someone who has similar interest and from their you will be able to build on your relationship. We find that all the best relationships come from the ones that are natural and not forced. We know this saying is passed around to much but if you want to find someone who truly cares about you then it is best to be yourself.

In London you will never struggle to see beautiful women but they do not walk about with a big sign over their head saying single. So you need to look in the right places where you know that you will find a romantic evening. A great place to start dating where you will find nothing but stunning women is Elite VIP Models. This escort agency is home to many single women who are perfect for a romantic evening in London and they will be sure to tick all the boxes. These dates can be the start of it all and will be great to get you into the correct mind set. However you will be surprised about how well these dates will go and you will make a companion for life.


When it comes to Manchester and having a great time you should always take into account the different options which will turn an average evening into something special. So what are the different options? Well of course to improve you evening you would like the company of a Manchester escorts who will be by your side all evening. Offering the dream girlfriend experience you can get to know to woman you have always wanted. What is great about this is that you can decide when you want to see her and how long for. All this is made possible by using the agency called Desire Manchester.

They offer a variety of beautiful companions at all ages who are looking for a gentleman to show them a romantic time. Whatever you would like to do on a date you can be sure that the Desire girls will enjoy your company. They have a strict interview process which requires them to choose only the highest standard of companions. Whenever you are looking for a blonde they have her waiting , if your prefer a brunette then not a problem. The list goes on and this is why they are one of the best agencies in Manchester. We find that the best place for you to enjoy your self is in Manchester as you have the option of so many different venues which make for an enjoyable evening. Whenever you are looking to have a fun evening you should always decide to use Desire as they have so many options for you to enjoy.

Desire is one of those agency’s which will always be there to ensure there clients receive the highest standard of companionship. You will find that they always update the agency on twitter and have new girls joining the agency all year round. They think about their clients and will always make sure the user experience is professional. So if you do become a valuable client you will be sure to have the choice of all their new recruits. Give yourself the chance to meet the women of your dreams with only a quick phone call to Desire. They are open all day every week and will have your appointment booked within a matter of minutes. So go and enjoy yourself and have a fun exciting evening which will change your dating life forever.


If there’s one thing that the girls from Courtisane know how to do it is look beautiful. These incredible models spend hours grooming and shopping to ensure that they look at their best for each and every date that they go on. We were talking to them the other day and one tip that we thought was particularly useful came from some of the shorter escorts. They said that their clients liked long legged women even though they were shorter so these girls who stand at 5’5 and under shared their tips for helping you look like a tall leggy catwalk model.

Here are a few of the tips that the London escorts thought were most valuable to any of the shorter readers out there.

1. Where the right heels.

christian_louboutin_eugenie_pumpsIf you want to extend the length of your legs then look to wearing high heels. The choice in heel is very important though. You do not want any straps around the ankle or across the foot as this will cut off valuable inches. A six inch heel can make you look taller and even make you walk in a more refined manner so these are a must and a great starting point. Our favourites do happen to be the Christian Louboutin ones but that is just a matter of taste.

2. Lift your waist.

Wear dresses and skirts that are high wasted and move your waist line to nearly up under your breasts. This will make you look like you are all legs and if you pair this with a slim fitting dress it can accentuate your naturally curvaceous figure and help you to attract any man you wish for. This makes your top half look smaller and extends the bottom half of your body to really accentuate length.

3. Hide your Knees

A skirt that clings to your legs to down past your knees is one of the best ways to make your legs look longer. it creates a smooth line and if it is matched with a high waisted outfit then you will look like a catwalk model strutting down the street. When you can’t see the knees then they could be much higher than they actually are, this is an optical illusion and helps to give you so many more inches.

These are just a few of the tips we will try and offer some more advice soon for the different body types out there.


Alex (5)Kensington one of the most prestige places in London with exclusive hotels and design shops this part of London is dominated by the high class society that usually come to this area for eat and shopping with Kensington Gardens just around the corner it also brings a great place for a time outdoors. This area is situated right in London city centre with the  close to many famous parts of London so you will never been far from the main attractions and a great place if you want to go anywhere, this is the borough of Kensington and Chelsea which is another great place in London.

In south Kensington you will find many museums and many places like V & A galleries and the Kensington palace are places that mane this area into one of the most important places in London and with the increase of exclusive restaurants make this area even more attractive to tourists that’s wonder about Kensington.

Around Kensington you will also see some of the most prestigious modelling agencies like Storm Models and Models 1 are agencies that every year hundreds of people submitting their portfolio, when it comes to entertainment park lane is one of the best agencies in there.

They have a large selections of kensington companion models that you will love to meet and you will have an opportunity of dating them is you want and will have a great time with the some of the most attractive ladies in London.

Have a look at their portfolio and try to make the best of Kensington.


sophie1Kent is one of the most beautiful parts of England with a large countryside this area is well known for the many gardens that you can see which most of then are free to get in but you will see a large variety of plants and flowers making a mane to this part of England as the gardens of England.

East of England is well known for the quit life of a country side but also for the large houses and beautiful gardens which most of them belong for the council which they made this local be a great place to have a marvelous time out.

One of the gardens is Belmont Park this is an amazing place that you can walk side by side to the natural life, this amazing park was originally design by Samuel Wyatt to reflect a Victorian garden and all its greatness. Just nearby there is Emmetts Garden, this is a beautiful garden full of color and amazing sites, one of the best attractions of this garden is the field of bluebell displays and in the winter the whole garden turns into white snow cover and with a lake right in the middle you will love the view.

Another great garden is the Knole Park, this garden belongs to the largest private house in England which part of the garden is home of the park, one of the major attractions in this park is the many deer that will be able to see in their natural habitat so there is a great amount of outdoors activity that you can do around Kent. So if you ever get bored or want to do something nice Katie’s Kent is an agency that you have the opportunity to meet somebody that will introduce you to all this beautiful gardens and places that you can go.


I don’t think there is anyone person who can give you all of the correct information about a dating experience. Because there is any. If you are willing to to read blogs like this one then you will have some tips to help you but, every girl is different and every guy is different so the situation is different every time – one thing will work for you and another may not. If you have no time to put any effort in and you have a lot of spare cash then let me introduce you to this website. Otherwise i hope you enjoy my list.

The first tip is to not be a douche bag. So most of you are thinking that you come across correctly but, you may be wrong. The trick is making sure that you put in little bit of everything like the ingredients of a nice recipe. Remember that she does not know you very well and you do not want to freak her out with garish comments etcetera. Being a douchebag can mean a number of things so don’t loose your cool and act like one – remember that you are the gentlemen and she needs to know that. She must know but, she should not feel that she   can jump and you will. Take control of any situation and she will know that you are a true man.

I mentioned in a previous articles that booking an escort would be a good idea to get a feel of impressing a woman. high class escorts are especially a good route to go down becasue they are from upper class places in society and a used to seeing gentlemen on a regular basis.